Yet another First for Orkney, DIY Wine Blending

By Nick Morrison

Friday evening, 3rd of May,  saw a tutored wine blending at the Kirkjuvagr Distillery as part of this year’s Wine Festival.

wine festival 3

Samantha Bailey, introduced by Duncan McLean of The Longship,   described how and why some wines are blended.

wine festival 2

It was news to me that in fact most wines are actually blends.

Most of us know Bordeaux is a blend of up to 4 grape types under appellation contrôlée  small amounts of a different grape type can be added.

Vintners use this to achieve consistency of character between early and later bottling.

Rose de Provence is a case in point. It is a blend of Grenache and Cinsault grapes.

wine festival 4

We were provided with a bottle of Grenache and of Cinsault And invited to make blends , and then rate them.

wine festival 1

Duncan said there were a few places left for the Lux lunch at the Lynnfield on this Sunday.

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