Robinson RR at the Northlight Gallery

By Bryce Wilson

Ralph R Robinson is an artist who is deeply concerned over our misuse of the environment. Grist to his mill are shards of crockery gathered largely from rubbish dumped in and around the Oyce of Quindry in South Ronaldsay. To express his concerns visually, on this occasion he looks to Biblical themes.

Ralph Robinson Triptych

Central to the exhibition at the Northlight Gallery in Stromness is a large triptych, composed chiefly of crockery fragments bedded in mortar, made with sand from the Oyce of Widewall. The right hand section shows the ‘near Eden’ days of humanity innocently adopting an agricultural way of life. The central section portrays the four horsemen of the apocalypse as harbingers of calamity, while the left hand section portrays humanity mindlessly crucifying itself, while ‘dancing to the music of time’.

Ralph Robinson exhibition

On a lighter note, there is a series of works ‘having a go’ at modern trends in ‘aetan oot’.  As ever, all the works in the show depend aesthetically on an instinct for colour and composition, and in this the artist does not disappoint. For your diary, ‘The Anthropocene & The Orkney Diner Scene’ continues at the Northlight Gallery until Wednesday 15th May.



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