The New Balfour: Nick’s First Impression

By Nick Morrison

On Wednesday 15th of May the Orkney News team of Nick Morrison and Martin Laird got a look around the new Balfour Hospital in Kirkwall.

Here’s Nick’s first impressions – a full report will follow.

Balfour 1

Yes it was that warm and sunny the day!

Play area for peedie folk

Balfour 4

Each area of the hospital is colour coded to ease navigation as is Aberdeen hospital.

Balfour 5

Balfour 6

Special meals preparation area. For people with allergies for example.

Balfour 7

Main kitchen.

Internal doors have adjustable blinds so they can be set for privacy/observation.

Each office member of staff will get one these lockable work boxes with a mail slot for incoming post/documents.

Balfour 12

Chairs with plain wooden legs in order to not damage the floor.

Balfour 13

These are the next generation of “bar codes”. These are being used by Robertson’s for “snagging”

Balfour 14

Surgeons console.

Balfour 15

Anaesthetists console.

Balfour 16

Balcony for the use of The Macmillan patients.

Balfour 17

Internal “quadrangle” a planned safe area for patients to enjoy fresh air et al.

Balfour 19

Balfour 20

Balfour 23

A lot of effort is going into preserving the floor in this late stage of construction.

Balfour 24

Hope these plants get some water soon , some are looking a wee bit withered.

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As you can see the hospital is still a construction site but already you can appreciated the thought and high standard of workmanship that has gone into its design – including taking on board the views of staff and patients.

This is a quick snapshot – more to follow

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  1. Phew – all mod. cons.

    This got me thinking about the succession of Balfour Hospitals – the first one, the present one, and the new, soon to be opened, one.

    How do they move a whole working hospital, in one go? It must be a logistics nightmare. It’s happened before though, and will happen again, then folk will hardly remember it happening.

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