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envelopeDear Orkney News,

There are about 50 Xzeres wind turbines in Orkney out of a total in UK of 137. Recently the US parent company in Oregon closed its UK office and all attempts to make contact with them have failed. This leaves all owners of this equipment very vulnerable when it comes to fulfilling warranty issues and the acquisition of spare parts.

Some concerned owners have set up a self-help group and  are trying to make contact with interested parties in  Orkney, so that together we can look after ourselves should the US company fail to continue to assist us in the future.

If any readers own an Xzeres wind turbine and would like to join our group please get in touch with    secretary@xzeresownersgroup.org.uk     and you will be able to share all the current information we have on the present situation here in UK.

There is no cost involved but maybe by working together we can help each other to survive. We already have details on how to repair inverters and alternators and  are planning to set up a data base on the acquisition of second hand spare parts.

Thank you for reading this and we look forward to you getting in touch.

Jim Dale   Chairman UK Xzeres Owners Group

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  1. Hello, Alexander from btek renewable energy products here.

    Owner of two skystream 3.7 and dealer for over 12 years.

    Are we discussing the skystream turbine?

    Or other xzeres turbines?


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