Artists Encouraged to Enter ‘Landscape of Tales’ Exhibition

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Artists’ contributions are currently invited for an upcoming winter exhibition at the Orkney Museum exploring folklore, archaeology and landscape.

‘Landscape of Tales’ will be shown at The Orkney Museum, Tankerness House, Kirkwall from the 7 December until 1 February 2020.

The overarching theme of the exhibition will be the connection between the landscape and the folk tales of Orkney. This can include well-known phenomena such as mound-dwellers,trows/fairies and hogboons, walking standing stones/giants or sea creatures such as selkie folk, mermaids and Fin folk. Portrayals of vanishing islands and lesser-heard-of tales from Orkney are also warmly welcomed.

The exhibition is based on research carried out in Orkney by archaeologist Nela Scholma-Mason, who has worked as an excavator at Ness of Brodgar. Her short film on mound dwellers was a huge hit last year when it was featured as part of the Orkney Storytelling Festival. Nela explains why Orkney’s archaeology and folklore is so important to her:

“Folklore is something which has existed since humans developed shared languages – it has influenced our perception of the landscape, both the natural and the built landscape. It is also interesting to look at the folklore and archaeology we know today and how these influence what we think of the past”.

Artworks can include drawn images, paintings and photographs, but can also be three-dimensional objects. Selected artworks will be displayed as part of the exhibition among archaeological artefacts and other media.

Artists interested in contributing works can contact the Orkney Museum’s Engagement/Exhibitions Officer Tom Muir on 01856873535 ext. 2525 or by email.

Tankerness House Museum

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