Keto Diets

By Nick Morrison

Your reporter is going on a  keto diet. My kilt is starting to feel a little snug !  They are not dissimilar to the Atkins diet . The standard keto diet is 75% fat 20% protein and 5% carbohydrates. There is a whole list of conditions that the keto diets may assist. Diabetes is one of these conditions.

My wife put herself on a keto diet in order to stave off  having to take medication for type two diabetes . In this she was successful and has been prodding me to do likewise . She also said that she lost weight and gained more energy .

So a little of my weight history will be helpful here . When I stopped being a minor cycling athlete in my early 20s and got married I put on quite a bit of weight . That took a long time to reduce.  Much later in life I joined the Royal Auxiliary Air Force . I was called up for the First Gulf War . I was posted to Germany and found myself working in -20° C . The military Webbing Belt is an unforgiving piece of kit , despite being on notionally three meals a day of all-you-can-eat in the RAF mess I found it necessary to taking the belt up by two notches .

My weight crept up slowly to 230 Lb. I then put myself on the 5 /2 diet . In this diet you eat normally for 5 days but only have 1,000 calories for 2 days. This brought me down to around 215 pounds , but still with a snug kilt !

Keto diet 1

To put this diet on a scientific basis I had my body analysed at The Picky Centre . This measures over 30 different parameters in the body one of which is body weight . This analysis is done by the trainers of the gym and costs £10 a time . You have to book this in advance because to make it accurate you have to undergo sound conditions before the test .

keto diet 2

I will ” weigh in”  every Sunday morning. I already have a calibration between the Picky centre machine and our personal  bathroom scales . The next installment will probably be next Monday .

keto diet 3

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