Great Welcome at Orkney College UHI Freshers Day

It was great to be able to spend Wednesday, 11th of September, at the Orkney College UHI Campus in Kirkwall to attend the Freshers Day event on behalf of The Orkney News team.

Freshers Orkney News stall

Organised by Kaila Shepherd and her team from HISA (Highlands and Islands Students Association) there were lots of different stalls for Freshers or indeed any students or staff to look at.


There were several local organisations represented.


And organisations which can support students.

Freshers  NetworkQ Orkney LGBTQ

And clubs that are run within the College.

Freshers Games Club  Magic

Kaila and her team should be congratulated for the hard work they put into setting up the event and thank you to Orkney College UHI for the invite to attend. Wishing all the students and staff a successful and happy year ahead.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. Helen’s recipes will be a big help to students cooking for themselves for the first time.

    This takes me back to my Fresher’s introduction day, when I got over-excited, and joined the Astrology Society, instead of the Astronomy Society, by mistake. Then had to talk myself out of heading into the hills, to dance to the music of the spheres!

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