Numbers of Road Deaths in Scotland Slightly Up

The number of people killed on Scotland’s roads has gone up from 145 in 2017 to  161 in 2018. The number seriously injured went down from 1,594 in 2017  to 1,582 in 2018.

Highland tops the table of fatal road accidents with 23 people being killed in 2018 well above the next local authority area, South Lanarkshire with 14.

One of the more positive results is that over the decade 2008 – 2018 the number of child casualties has halved from 1,689 in 2008 to 753 in 2018.

Despite all the concerns over climate change road traffic in Scotland increased by 8% over the same 10 year period.

Road accident stats 2018

Data From National Statistics Scotland

Transport Casualties 2018

  • cars: 5,079, 60% of total,  fatalities 75
  • pedestrians: 1,253, 15% of the total, fatalities 34
  • cyclists: 637,8% of the total, fatalities 6
  • motorcyclists: 640 , 8% of the total, fatalities 33
  • bus and coach users: 35, fatalities 2
  • light goods vehicles: 319
  • heavy goods vehicles: 73
  • taxis: 104
  • minibuses: 20
  • other mode: 56

Roads in non-built up areas where the speed limit is 60 mph continue to be where most fatalities in car accidents occur. Speed kills. Over half the deaths of pedal cyclists also happens on these roads.

Not surprisingly, for pedestrians, most casualties including fatalities occur during the winter months.

Click on the link to read the full report: Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2018

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