Christmas Spotting – In Kirkwall!

By Bernie Bell

I’ll begin with the charity shops, and, in my book, the one which is first among the charity shops!  The Blue Door in Victoria Street is owned by a lady called Mrs. Jamieson, who, rent free, lets various charities occupy the premises for a week at a time. There is a resident staff of volunteers, who know how to run the place and do the pricing.  Then, volunteers from the charity ‘in residence’ each week, help out with placing the goods on the shelves and the rails.  The Blue Door regularly earns thousands of pounds for different charities.  Also, the prices are reasonable – they understand the principles on which a charity shop should be based – sell as much as you can, to make as much money as you can, for the charity you’re working for.

The Blue Door is A GOOD THING, and my favourite Orkney charity shop – looks like it’s the Queen’s favourite, too!

If you’re wondering – in the blue window – that’s a Burra Bear, that is……….

Across the road, to the Red Cross shop, with St. Magnus Cathedral and miniature Ba’s in the window!

Red Cross Shop Bell

Non-Orkney folk might be wondering – what is a Ba’?  And it is a mystery, to non-Orkney folk – it’s still a mystery to me!  Here’s something about the Ba’…

And then, along the road, to Clan, another most excellent charity shop – reasonable prices, good quality goods, friendly people. Another GOOD THING!

CLAN shop Bell

Then, having had a good haul from the charity shops  – to Judith Glue’s  Real Food Cafe, opposite the cathedral, for lunch, with a festive  frieze……

Judith Glue's Cafe Bell

….and a rocking horse with a warning!

rocking horse Judith Glue Bell

And finally, the reason for my visit to The Big City – Specsavers at The Orkney Hotel, Victoria Street, with a truly magnificent tree!!!

Christmas Tree Orkney Hotel Bell

Each month, Specsavers visit Orkney to provide a much needed service.  Orkney only has one ophthalmic practice, so an additional option is very helpful.

Thanks to Specsavers – I can go Christmas Spotting!

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