Going to the Pictures

Scotland’s love of cinema and the film makers’ love of Scotland is celebrated in an exhibition at the Orkney Library and Archive, Kirkwall.

cinema exhibition at Orkney Library and Archive

The 8 pop up banners from the National Library of Scotland tell the story of Scots going to the cinema –  the pictures through the decades.


The exhibition is located in the entrance area of the library so is easily accessible.


My one complaint – and this is to the designers of the banners is that the colour of the print used is not good for people with visual impairments.


The pale red makes it difficult for some people to read the information.


There is also a fun projectionist box with items to be picked up and explored. Even the cartoons that you could hire for home movies – I mention this because my dad used to do this and kids from round about would come into our house to watch them.

I have a lot of favourite films which feature Scotland. Here’s one with a fantastic musical score by Mark Knopfler.

IMG_20191218_122707612What’s your favourite film about Scotland or made in Scotland? 

Reporter: Fiona Grahame


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  1. “What’s your favourite film about Scotland or made in Scotland?”

    I’m with you on ‘Local Hero’, Fiona.

    And this one also came to mind……….


    Different aspects of Scots life, but both with characters who use their wits and humour to deal with life.

    I also agree with you about the orange/red print. I don’t like to gripe, when folk put something together, but……it’s a factor which is worth people considering. My sight isn’t good, not as bad as some, but this kind of use of colour, really makes it hard to read. In fact, in this case, I could pretty much only read the big writing, down as far as “Scotland is and always has been a nation of film lovers.”
    I know – they can’t be expected to think of everything, but…………..

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