Hansel and Greta Save the World: Review

By Nick Morrison

We published a preview of this Orkney Children’s Theatre production, (Hansel and Greta Save the World: This Weekend ) I did however get a more accurate definition of “Stoorworm” , Raggie (#), as she is affectionately known in the Islands has blended an old Orkney fairy tale, which is where the stoorworm comes from, and Norse mythology for this production.

The Norse myth has it the the gods live in the middle, the humans live outside the gods and then comes the sea, the sea is held in place by a sea dragon who holds its tail in its mouth. If it lets go you get storms at sea and other upsets, well 2 countries are experiencing “fire storms” right now.

Hansel and Greta 3

Raggie introduced the production by paying tribute to the many people who had helped produce it like the parents with costumes and props.

The production was a thoroughly delightful romp in the very best panto tradition complete with booing and hissing. “Behind you” was replaced with “we are leaving the EU”/ “oh no we’re not”

Hansel and Greta 5

The cast were not in the least inhibited about staying on the stage and ran amok through the audience on several occasions even scattering sweets around, much to the delight of younger members of the audience.

Hansel and Greta 6

As the preview said it was satirically dark in places but the young performers managed to cope with quite adult themes remarkably well. They even managed to crank in our locally topical Lithium batteries catching on fire! Emes Veres looked remarkably like Greta.

Hansel and Greta 4

There was coffee and tea/soft drinks available and a scrumptious looking display of tray bakes, unfortunately I had not long finished dinner!

It was well attended. All in all a good night. I look forward to their next production.

# Ragnhild Ljosland

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