Orkney College Students Successful Fundraiser for Australian Firefighters

Australian fundraiser 6 Orkney College

Students at Orkney College UHI got together yesterday, Wednesday 15th of January, and produced a fantastic spread with all donations and profits going to Australian Firefighters’ charities.

Australian fundraiser 4 Orkney College

The students organised a coffee morning with an Australian theme, at the Overblikk Restaurant.  £510.00 was raised to be shared between  New South Wales and Victoria Firefighters Charities. Traeskattir (Orkney College UHI Young Enterprise Team) donated £50.00 of their business profits

Australian fundraiser 2 Orkney College

Anzac biscuits, koala cup cakes, Lamington cakes, cheese scones

The Stepping Stones students and  Level 5 and 6 Professional Cookery Groups demonstrated their skills in producing extremely yummy bakes and savouries.

Everything was done to the highest of standards and there was even a take away option.

Australian fundraiser 5 Orkney College

The event was very well attended. All those involved, students and staff, are to be congratulated for a most enjoyable morning for such a worthwhile cause.

Australian fundraiser 3 Orkney College

Click on this link for information and to make donations to Victoria : Victorian Bushfire Relief

Click on this link to donate to:  New South Wales Rural Fire Service

Reporter: Fiona Grahame



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