Reaching Digital Customers Outside of Orkney

Remote working has never been more accessible and acceptable. With video conferencing, collaborative working platforms and often lower start-up costs, the ability to work from anywhere is becoming very attractive. One of the biggest challenges can be business development and finding customers online.

A series of talks has been set up by Sacha Woolham and Finn MacLeod to support  businesses and organisations in Orkney in how to get the most out of digital connectivity.

Digital connectivity event

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“When I returned to Orkney, I wondered how I could translate my marketing career into a job in Orkney. I started working in digital marketing, supporting companies across the UK.” said Sacha Woolham, who returned from Australia in 2018, following a global marketing career.

Finn Macleod had a similar experience. He completed a PhD in Mathematics in Dublin before working on various data start-ups. He was inspired by an Irish friends’ company – that has grown to 160 people, without ever having offices.

“I wanted to create a job that I could live and work anywhere. I returned to Orkney a year ago and thoroughly enjoy being home. I no longer have to travel to work as it can be run from my laptop wherever I am.” said Finn Macleod.

“We have both been impressed at the range of opportunities and businesses in Orkney and have been asked many times about how to reach more customers outside of Orkney. We decided to host a talk together and help others who want to understand how they can create a really strong and effective online presence.”

This will hopefully be a series of talks over the coming months, with the initial talk details below:

Wednesday 22nd January, Kirkjuvagr Gin Distillery, Ayre Road

Doors Open from 7pm, Talk starts at 7.30pm

£5 which includes a complimentary drink (Gin, Beer, Soft Drink)

Reaching Digital Customers outside of Orkney

Max 40 places – reserve here

We are a group of remote working professionals who have returned home after working globally.  We hope to share knowledge and bring people together by holding a set of short, high quality talks about how to reach online customers outside of Orkney.

Setting up businesses or finding new customers and revenue streams can be daunting, especially when working remotely from your island office, far away from your potential customers. This is the first of a set of talks which will be followed by Q&A, drinks and chat:

7:30pm Scaling Digital, Dr. Finn Macleod

Finn started as a mathematician and became an entrepreneur after winning investment from the Irish government. He now remotely runs his own software company,

Whether you’re selling art, jewellery, electricity or software, optimising online is essential for growth. Finn will show ways to do this: from simple ways to test new ideas to algorithmic methods used by multinationals to reach millions of customers.

8:00pm – The Art of Effective Digital Strategy – Sacha Woolham

Sacha has worked in marketing and strategy for MasterCard, Tesco, RBS and other major multinationals for over 20 years. She has now returned home and is working with businesses in Orkney and the UK on digital marketing, strategy and business development.

Whether you are just starting out or have had an online presence for a while, it’s always good to understand how effective your digital strategy really is. We look at content, positioning, products vs. services, data capture and importantly how this relates to the offline world.

8:30PM Q&A, drinks

Contact: Sacha Woolham (01856) 731 308 or Finn Macleod (01856) 988 906

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