Maree Todd MSP Accuses Tories of Fishing Sell Out

Maree ToddLocal MSP Maree Todd, SNP has accused the Tories of  using Scottish fishing as a bargaining chip in EU trade negotiations.

Last week experts claimed that UK officials are prepared to “give in” on fishing in Brexit talks to gain concessions for the financial sector.

Maree Todd said:

“The Tories have sold out Scotland’s fishing communities time after time, and they are prepared to do it again.

“Despite control over our waters being a key message from the Leave camp, and Boris Johnson vowing that Scotland’s fishing waters will not be used as a bargaining chip in Brexit talks, it’s come to light that the PM has gone back on his word – clearly viewing Scotland’s fisheries as expendable.

“As a Highlands & Islands MSP, I’m deeply worried about what this means for our coastal communities who are being left in the dark over Brexit talks.

“Rather than fulfilling their promise of the UK becoming an independent coastal state, the Tories are instead serving the fishing industry up as bait in EU negations.

“We already know that our rural communities in the Highlands & Islands are set to suffer the most economically because of Brexit and with just days to go until we exit the EU, the lack of clarity coming from Boris Johnson’s reckless government is a major cause for concern.

“The SNP will continue to hold the Tories to account for their false promises but it’s now clearer than ever – Scotland’s future should be in Scotland’s hands, not Boris Johnson’s.”

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  1. Aye, Maree the EU have Wastemonster by the jugular and they’d sell-out their grannies to protect the City of London, Casino. Tough on the fishermen and farmers but they were well warned.

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