Home made Scottish Tattie Scones

OK folks, Helen’s still got the lurgy, so the apprentice is back with another leftover recipe.We (not including Helen) had Mince n Tatties last night & as usual I made too much mashed tatties, so homemade Tattie Scones is a good way to use them up. Here is my recipe for 4 decent sized scones:

Ingredients :

Tattie Scone Ingredients

  • 160g of mashed tatties
  •   40g of plain flour
  •   20g of butter salted or unsalted
  •    ½ tsp of salt (add some pepper if you like)
  •     1 tsp of baking powder

Method :

Mix Ingredients by fingers

Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix together with your fingers. Once it starts forming into a ball of dough, roll around bowl and knead gently, until you form a ball.

Mix until a ball of dough

Place the dough on a well floured flat surface and roll out with a rolling pin, sprinkling flour on each side as you turn it. Roll out to approx 5mm thick ( or whatever thickness you prefer)

Roll dough to approx 5mm thick

Cut the dough into the shapes you wish them to be

Cut to the shape you require

Melt a little butter or oil in a hot frying pan or griddle

Melt butter in pan

place scones in pan and brown on each side

On both sides

Eat straight away, or if you want you can cool them, refrigerate or freeze for another day.



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  1. My lord – I want to eat them! I can just imagine how they’d taste – with a bit of butter on, while they’re hot.
    My Mum used to make what she called ‘Tayty Cakes’ – looked just like yours, Kenny – brought back memories.

  2. There is no such thing as ‘too much mashed potato’. Mashed potato is something I always try to make in large quantities so there’s enough to do other things with. The same mix as tattie scones (with a slightly higher ratio of flour) also makes dumplings. And added cheese is always tasty.

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