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It is very rare to encounter someone who is both extremely talented and modest about it. That was Orcadian Jim Baikie and you can view a selection of his work at an exhibition in Kirkwall.

Jim Baikie 2

“The Life and Times of Orcadian Artist Jim Baikie” runs from February 8-29. The Orkney Museum is open Monday to Saturday, 10:30-12:30, 13:30-17:00. Admission is free.

Whether or not you knew Jim Baikie and/or his work this exhibition is well worth visiting. It covers autobiographical details and gives us an insight into how Jim, as the wonderful artist he was, developed.

Jim Baikie 3

Born in North Walls, Hoy, Orkney on 28th of February 1940 the young Jim grew up on an island central to the Royal Navy in World War 2. Even at an early age he was drawing and creating cartoon books.

He joined the RAF and whilst in Dundee  enrolled in Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art for daytime classes. All this while he continued to sketch, draw and play base guitar.

If you wonder what ‘cool’ is or ever was you just need to read about the life of Jim Baikie for he played in bands and met rock stars galore.

Probably, if you are of a certain age, you will have seen the art work of Jim Baikie without realising it – in the world of comics like Jinty, Tammy, Look-In, Eagle and Warrior. For others it will be his portrayal of Judge Dredd. (This is a personal print)

Jim Baikie Judge Dredd

Jim Baikie was widely read and not only drew fantastic figures in science fiction but he wrote too.

Jim Baikie 4

In 1991 Jim Baikie was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Despite this he retained his good humour and modest nature. He died on 29th of December 2017.

If you can, get along to the exhibition which has been well researched, contains oodles of information and the most wonderful doodles,sketches, drawings and paintings.

Jim Baikie 1

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. Fantastic displays. Jim played bass in our band Jaymes Fenda & The Vulcans RIP Jim Baikie

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