Demand for Electric Light Commercial Vehicles Predicted to Rise Significantly

The demand and production of  Electric Light Commercial Vehicles is set to increase significantly according to a report by IDTechEx.

The report argues that the main change in thinking with business will not be that it is environmentally better to have electric vehicles but that it will make sense economically.

LCV operators primarily base their purchase decisions on total cost of ownership calculations, and whilst the upfront cost of electric LCVs is currently greater than for a equivalent diesel model, the significant operational cost saving from using electricity as a fuel, in replacement of diesel, is increasingly being shown to offset the initial price difference.

The report foresees price reduction of batteries and savings on production with economies of scale with increased demand.

Click on this link to find out more: Electric Vehicles: Land, Water, Air – IDTechEx Reports and Subscriptions

Arrival's new generation electric van

Arrival’s Generation 2 Electric Vehicles are a new category of electric vehicles that surpass traditional vehicles in cost, design and efficiency with 50% operational cost savings for fleet owners

Nick Morrison recently reported on a visit to Orkney by MSPs to look at EVs and charging points. MSPs Visit Orkney To Learn About The Islands’ EV Experience

EV Orkney MSP visit Nick

In Orkney the council is also operating vans which use hydrogen.

sci fest hydrogen van

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