How Would YOU Like To See The Hall Of Clestrain Develop?

By Bernie Bell

The Hall of Clestrain, in the Parish of Orphir, was the home of Arctic explorer Dr. John Rae.  It was very nearly lost to us, but, just in time, the John Rae Society  were successful in purchasing the Hall, and managed to make it weather-tight before the awful storms of this winter ( so far!) hit Orkney.

Clearing out the pigeon poo, and making the structure weather-tight were the first steps, and a lot of work has also been done relating to both the inside and outside of the Hall ….

Now, the JRS are seeking the views of the public, on what they would like to see as the way ahead for the development and restoration  of this little gem of a building.

The JRS is a charity, and is very much a volunteer run and community involved charity, at that.

When the Hall is restored, and fully open to the public, it could provide a wonder-full experience for visitors, and a learning experience for visitors and local people alike.

I was just about to pretty much state the questions which are in the survey  – so, instead, I’ll place the link here…..

……..and you can all take part – give your views – and suggestions – on what you would like to see happening at the Hall, on-going.

Personally – I have this little building ear-marked as an interpretive centre/café with views across to the seaways……………

Hall of Clestrain small building B Bell

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