6 Positive Test Results for COVID-19 in Shetland

Update on coronavirus, COVID-19 in Scotland for Thursday 12th of March.

The figures for positive tests continue to rise in Scotland with 6 people now testing positive in Shetland.

A total of 2,892 Scottish tests have concluded. Of these:

  • 2,832 tests were confirmed negative
  • 60 tests were positive

Click on this link for guidance: COVID-19 Guidance for non healthcare settings

COVID 19 12 March

Please heed the advice from the NHS in how to protect yourself and others. If you have the symptoms contact your GP by phone – do not go in. COVID -19 is now recognised as a pandemic.

Common symptoms of coronavirus include:

  • high temperature or fever
  • cough
  • shortness of breath

Regular hand washing and using hankies when you cough or sneeze help to limit the spread. COVID – 19 spreads very quickly.



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