Letters: “NHS stretched, Downing Street in melt down, Boris dreams of a bridge.”


Dear Orkney News,

NHS stretched, Downing Street in melt down, Boris dreams of a bridge.

Outstanding open letter in the papers over the weekend written by a consultant working in one of the Trusts in NHS England. In it he emphasised that people will not be forgotten and that NHS England will still care for those with conditions not related to COVID-19.

Reports are beginning to surface that the bunker complex within the gated community of Downing Street is not a happy place.

It would appear that when everything is going well the flimsy construction that is the “house of cards that Boris built” seems magnificent with all his cabinet singing from exactly the same song sheet. History unfortunately does not favour this set up and is quite littered with such melt downs from governments. Governments from where all forms of criticism has been weeded out, everyone still retained is all but a clone of the leaders special advisor.

The news reaching us now shows the action, non action or change of tac by the Petulant PM is a response of someone unable to plan ahead, unable to concentrate, possibly unable to believe that their special advisor is way out of their depth!

Meanwhile in one final attempt to show the plebs that he is Churchill, Boudica and the Mad Hatter all at the same time. He/she/it is launching a feasibility study on his bridge project. He could save the UK a fortune and shelve the idea but no, it will be tendered out and at some level  someone will pocket the cash and the story of the snouts in the cash trough that is the U.K. establishment continues.

I would suggest that the bridge idea has at some stage been suggested by the great unelected vizier, an idea to distract the plebs from the crumbling infrastructure that used to be referred to as U.K. government.

Humanity will still continue, the islands that make up this archipelago will most definitely still be here and unfortunately for Scotland and her peoples the money vampires of the establishment will still be fixing to get their fangs into our resource laden arteries.

Look after yourselves and your nearest and dearest but let us also maintain pressure on the establishment because Scotland’s unborn generations deserve to be born into a land that cares about its people and allows them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Tic Toc

Cliff Purvis, Veterans For Scottish Independence


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