Extra Support for Social Care From Scottish Government #COVID-19 #Coronavirus

The Scottish Government is to increase funding to local councils for supporting care at home.  This will allow beds to be freed up in hospitals which will be needed for patients with COVID-19 as the numbers in Scotland continue to rise. The latest stats show that 14 people have died, 23rd of March, from the complications of the virus.

Jeane Freeman June 2018

Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said:

“We have placed the NHS on an emergency footing and we also need to increase the capacity in our social care sector.

“Extensive work is already underway by health and social care partnerships to free up hospital beds and care for older people, and others in need of support, in care homes and in our communities.

“We have now informed councils that any additional expenditure to maximise the care available to our communities, aligned to work that is already underway, will be covered by the Scottish Government.”

The Scottish Government has been working with COSLA which represents local authorities in Scotland to put this in place.

COSLA’s Health and Social Care spokesperson Councillor Stuart Currie said:

“COVID-19 represents an unprecedented challenge to anyone working in caring professions in Scotland.

“The Scottish Government and local government have shared leadership to ensure the entire system is working together to optimise the impact on the wellbeing of our communities.  Work is underway locally to do this and today’s announcement gives welcome assurance to the sector about the steps which will be taken to maximise the care available to our communities.

“COSLA guidance will be issued shortly to support commissioners to work collaboratively to protect the resilience of the social care sector and ensure they remain operationally and financially viable.”


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