Families Already in Crisis Hit the Hardest by #COVID-19 Restrictions

Local MSP,Rhoda Grant, Labour  has responded to a report by the Fraser of Allander Institute which states that it will be the lowest earners and the self-employed that will bear the brunt of the financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whilst there are likely to be more families temporarily joining them in hardship, those who were already dealing with this are likely to be less able to cope. Coupled with reported food bank shortages and vital services shutting down, getting by could become near impossible. These statistics out today underline that many families are already in crisis, even before COVID-19 came on the scene. Household Finances in Scotland – now and in the future

Rhoda GrantRhoda Grant said:

 “ Even before the economic ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic are felt, this report shows clearly the immense financial strain that more deprived households are under.

 “It is clear that it will be these households that will bear the financial brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic and that there exists the clear and present danger that these households may slip into poverty.

 “Scottish Labour fully understands the exceptional circumstances that the Scottish Government is operating under and we welcome much of the help provided to households by the Finance Secretary and the Chancellor thus far. However, more must be done to protect the financially vulnerable.

 “It will be of paramount importance in the coming weeks that those in need apply for Universal Credit and access the Scottish Welfare Fund via their local authority.

 “Scottish Labour is willing to work with the Scottish Government to investigate what more we can do to provide financial safety to the most deprived households and we are prepared to do all we can to prevent child poverty and hunger rising in this time of crisis.”

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  1. If there are no reported cases in Orkney and we continue for the next three weeks and still have no cases, can we not continue island life as near normal? Keep the travel restrictions in place, no one on or off the island and isles, follow the strict protocols but keep our local economy going. I feel we are in a very unique situation and would be able to carry on, in so doing support our most vulnerable residents

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