Sgathaich: Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun

sgathaich bannerSo we are all still dealing with tough times but I found a solution, I’ve started sacrificing Yolo’ers who were ignoring medical advice to a demon. Now I know what you’re thinking and don’t worry, I’m not sacrificing anyone to the ruinous powers of Chaos (really don’t want Nurgle to show up right now). No this is a very fun demon, and I’m going to tell you all about her… even though she’s not the lead character.

Welcome to Demon School anime

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun,  a School Comedy anime adapted from the manga. It stars Iruma Suzuki an incredibly nice 14 year old who is a complete push over… he can’t say no to anything that’s asked of him. As such everyone especially his parents took advantage of that and he had to do all the work to pay for everything… At which point I logically made the connection with Hayate the combat battler whose lead character also had asshole parents, only this time rather than selling his organs to organized crime Iruma is sold to a demon.

Fortunately what Sullivan the demon wanted Iruma for was because he really wanted a grandson. He’s rather old now and the other top demons all go on about their grandsons so he went and adopted one (yes… that’s the reason given). So anyway the poor child is now the grandson of a powerful demon who sends him off to the top demon school Babyls (which he happens to run). So Iruma sets out to not stand out or be noticed but is constantly failing at that because as such a nice guy is so alien to demons he is quite the abnormality and event after event makes him rather famous much to his horror.

The other main characters are Alice Asmodeus from a long and noble family who after Iruma manages to defeat (years of being put in life and death situations has made Iruma a master of dodging) and then tending to him, pledges himself as his loyal follower to a fault. Yes Asmodeus has an impossibly high opinion and it’s hilarious to watch, but not as hilarious as the best girl.

The all mighty Clara Valac is the other Main character. This Green Haired Demonic bundle of joy is just simply the best character in the show and quickly hit my waifu list. She is just so loveable and funny. Even when she isn’t saying anything she’s usually doing something funny in the background and trust me it never gets old. But it isn’t just her being hilarious (which she is) that makes her great. There are moments where you really feel for her. This is shown in her introduction episode, you see Clara wants to play, have fun and make people happy… all the time. However most people find her odd or insane, this lead to her basically having to bribe people to play with her and people abusing that fact, it’s really heart wrenching when she is overhearing people talk about that they would only play with her to get free stuff and we see from her that’s something she’s all too aware of, so then we feel her increasing joy when Iruma points out he likes playing with her, that joy is so wonderful to see.

NephriteAh yes. We’ve had many conversations about our respective waifus haven’t we my friend? You of course have Clara in her wonderful and adorable insanity whilst I have the student council president Ameri Azazel. She gives off the veneer of seriousness one would usually expect of someone who is somewhat in a position of power but she has her own craziness. Especially when it comes to the human manga First Love Memories (which she can’t actually read.)

Yeah she’s ok, plenty of good moments, but she’s not the all mighty Clara

The series manages to retain its fun attitude that for people stuck indoors right now (and those that flout that I’m sacrificing you to Clara) can’t help but put a smile on my face. Even during the latter half of the 23 episode series where there is an arc that has a bit more at stake, the characters still retain their personality and so we don’t get bogged down and depressing like so many comedy anime tend to do when they suddenly near the end and decide its time to be so dark and depressing. I can’t go and watch the old stuff anymore cause I can’t bear to see them be happy knowing what happens to them…. sorry so many ruined series… But fear not that isn’t the case here heck there are episodes after that arc that continue the fun we saw before. And having checked ahead in the manga I was happy they adapted that short arc.

I really enjoyed this series, every week I was checking out the new subbed episode then later on in the week I was watching a dubbed episode (cause Crunchyroll is dubbing this, though it’s on hiatus while the lockdown is happening but still got a good number done)  with a friend. Admittedly I had to force them to watch the first episode but right after it was over, they thanked me didn’t you?

I did indeed. Apologises for jumping in slightly before I was introduced. The show doesn’t exactly give you the impression of utterly deranged yet brilliant comedy at the very beginning but by the end of episode 1 I was indeed laughing hysterically and thanking you. This show is very much a feel good show and one of my favourite shows in years. Now I need to go watch more!

Now when I first saw this announced I was kind of meh as the description didn’t really clarify much about it, I didn’t know Iruma was at that very moment adopted so I thought it was some fantasy world he had always been into. But as I was looking for things to watch I checked out the first episode and (profanity) loved it, I kept watching more and more to the point it was probably one of my favourite animes of recent years. I laughed as more and more online anime reviewers came out apologizing for not having been watching it as it just became this funny show everyone liked. I’m happy to say season 2 is in the works and the promise of what I know is coming is helping me through, and of course there’s more Clara. Now back to the sacrifices.

I declare a waifu war for the Great Lady Ameri! We must sacrifice more of the fools!

No Nephrite those sacrifices belong to Clara!

Rating: spear spear spear spear spear

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