Phase 1 ‘Baby Steps’ But Covid 19 Is Still In The Islands

May 29th saw the start of easing out of lockdown with Scotland tentatively moving into Phase 1 .

It was good to see a few people on the golf course taking advantage of the easing and of the better weather in Orkney.

Despite all these weeks of lockdown the virus is still in the community as a new case was confirmed of Covid19 – taking Orkney’s numbers to 8 after remaining at 7 for so long.

Link: Test and Protect: “A Collective National Endeavour”

If you have to self isolate and you have no friends or relations to help out there is a number to call which will direct you to local support services. You will be helped.

Helpline for those who do not have support Covid19

The 2 meters rule – that’s about 6 feet – should also be applied when you are out. This should still be for essential purposes only, to take exercise near your home, to shop and if you cannot do so  from home to travel to your work.

social distance Stewart Bremner Covid 19

credit Stewart Bremner

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  1. I hope the numbers don’t rise. I would be very worried about easing lockdown in such confined communities. 7 or 8 cases in places like that is enough to create a real problem. Best of luck.

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