Phase 2 Timeline Easing #Covid19 Restrictions

Phase 2 of easing out of lockdown in Scotland  is to be ‘phased’ in and it gets slightly complicated so here at The Orkney News we have put together a timeline.

All of this depends on the R number (rate of transmission) remaining low. Up to the 4th June, R in Scotland was estimated to be between 0.6 & 0.8. It also depends on measures being put in place by shops/businesses to limit infection and on people continuing to observe strict personal hygiene.

What remains the same

2m physical distancing

Travel only within your local area (5miles) except to visit family and/or shop for essential supplies

People are also asked to continue to work from home where that is possible. 

Friday 19th of June

People shielding can:

  • take part in non-contact outdoor activities
  • meet members of another household outdoors (not more than 8 people)

Those not shielding can:

meet 2 other households, outdoors (not more than 8 people)

go indoors to use their toilet facilities (unless they are in the shielding category)

Single persons & single parents with children

can form an extended household with another single person/parent

Monday 22nd June

Face coverings mandatory on all public transport: planes, ferries, buses taxis

Places of worship open for individual attendance only

Construction sector returns

Dental practices open to see patients with urgent care needs

Professional sport re-opens

Some college and university staff return

Monday 29th of June

Indoor non-office workplaces re-open

House moves can begin

Public gardens and zoos re-open to local visitors

Outdoor sports courts re-open

Children’s playgrounds re-open

Marriages and civil partnerships take place with limitations

Street access shops only can re-open

Outdoor markets can re-open

Chronic disease and some screening services start up

Essential optometry and ophthalmology services can being to start up.

Successful implementation of Phase 2 will enable Scotland to move to Phase 3. All of this is subject to change should the spread of the disease start to rise again. The Scottish Government is also looking at mandatory face coverings in shops but the advice now is to wear one when shopping except for very young children and those with respiratory problems.

Link:  Covid19 framework for decision making Scotlands route map through and out of the crisis

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