Funky Face Masks!

By Bernie Bell

I notice that our revered Editor is very keen on folk wearing their face masks.  She’s absolutely right – it’s not just to protect you, it’s to protect others, too.

I hadn’t got a face mask, as, basically, I wasn’t going anywhere, or meeting people – except for neighbours passing, out in the open air, and all behaving ourselves – keeping our distance.

But – I am now considering, only considering, maybe, in a few weeks, going to where there are people – maybe Wellpark Garden Centre as we need a new watering can (passing dog ate the handle), and a couple of other bits & pieces.  Maybe that will be my first foray among the general populace – maybe?

So, I looked for a mask.  A face mask doesn’t have to be dreary – I wanted something which was cheery – and, something to do with me.  And…… I found it!  A face mask with bees on!  I am Bernie, I sign myself ‘B’ – I likes Bees. I was delighted.

These are made by a lass in Suffolk – an independent ‘maker’ as they say these days – so I’m supporting an individual, rather than putting money in the pockets of a big company.

The masks arrived,  I tried one on, and Mike took a picture.  I realised, that – when someone goes to take my picture, I smile – it’s almost an automatic response. So, there I am, in my mask, smiling away!  I think it shows though, I think it still shows in the eyes, if a person is smiling.  And smiling, is good, even behind a mask.

Bernie Bell with face mask on

By the by – my hair is permanently tied back these days, otherwise, it tries to take over the world!

There are all kinds of masks available, at all different price levels,  with all kinds of images on them………….

A mask doesn’t have to mean hiding or losing your individuality, a mask can reflect that individuality.

As well as being a bear, I am a bee – small, round , fuzzy, but – with a sting, if riled!

Please folks, wear your masks – learn from New Zealand. We have friends in New Zealand, and, when I heard the good news – no cases for 17 days, restrictions lifted – I emailed to say well done.  Friend Howard answered, saying he’d just been to the pub – no distancing, no sanitizing.  He didn’t ‘do a little dance’, but he was well pleased.

Something to aim for!

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  1. Got any tips on how to stop them causing your specs steaming-up? Oh, and don’t let my German Shepherd pup see you wearing it as he’s started chasing Bumble Bees all over the garden – and catching them, the funny thing is he’s not bothered by butterflies. Thank goodness we don’t see wasps or honey bees as he’d get badly stung.

    • I know! My glasses steam up too! And no, I haven’t figured out how to avoid it.
      Like I haven’t figured out how to see, when it’s raining.

      • Bernie, when diving I always rub a ‘spit’ round the inside of my facemask and this prevents misting but it doesn’t work too well with specs. As for rain, we all have this problem – adapted windscreen wipers, perhaps, LOL.

      • It also makes me feel a bit uncomfortable breathing – but I’d rather be a bit uncomfortable breathing in the short term, than risk not breathing at all, in the long term!

  2. Good morning to Wiesia Anna Kratiuk
    I’m not on Facebook, so I can’t respond to you there, so I will do so, here.

    I have a number of health difficulties – I fight the word ‘problems’ – one of which asthma.
    And another of which is a tendency to get down – again, I fight the word ‘depression’ – I fight the state of mind, and I also fight the glibness of that description of it.
    So – I tick the boxes you mention, well and truly.

    As I said previously in these comments – “I’d rather be a bit uncomfortable breathing in the short term, than risk not breathing at all, in the long term!”
    And that’s how it is, for me.
    I do what I feel I need to do – my choice.