In Praise Of Continuing To Wear A Mask

By Bernie Bell

Since reading of the changes to Covid regulations which are due to happen in Scotland over the next few weeks, I thought this might be a good time to re-publish some views on wearing masks as a defence against air-born infection …

Funky Face Masks!


“A face mask doesn’t have to be dreary – I wanted something which was cheery – and, something to do with me.”

Smog Masks


“I’m watching a television series called ‘Back In Time For The Corner Shop’. The idea is to take an average corner shop, and follow its fortunes from the Victorian era, to the 1990’s.”


A Mask Is Not A Talisman


“I get the impression that people have got the idea that a mask is some kind of talisman, which will save you from the ‘bug’.”

And there’s more…..

Is wearing a mask so much to ask? I have asthma and don’t breathe well at the best of times. When I wear a mask I’m not comfortable as it restricts my breathing a bit more which means that I could get a bit ‘panicky’ – but I don’t let myself.

I wear a mask when in situations where I will have contact with other people, indoors. I do so because I think it’s worth it, not just for me but for everyone’s sake. Also, I know that I should. So I do.

Even more so for those who can breathe easily, wearing a mask really isn’t a lot to ask, and can make a big difference to potential transmission of infection.

We watched a programme presented by Bettany Hughes about how the people of Malta spent much of the Second World War living in tunnels underground as that was the only way to be safe from the enemy bombing. They did what they needed to do.

We’re not being bombed, but we are being attacked by a clever enemy – one which we can’t see, which makes it even more dangerous.


Plans for changing legal requirements to guidance and good practice
Potential Responses Categories for Future Threat Levels

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