Orkney Stands Wae Black Lives Matter: Poster Download

Two Orcadian women, artist Fiona MacInnes and Kelly Marwick have collaborated to produce a poster for the campaign Black Lives Matter in Orkney.

The poster which features the iconic standing stones and the slogan ‘Orkney Stands Wae Black Lives Matter’ is free to use.

You can download it here: Orkney Stands Wae Black Lives Matter Poster

You can click on this image and download it:

BLM POSTER small version

And if you would like an image in higher definition please email: fiona@theorkneynews.scot.

Commenting on the poster Kelly Marwick said:

“Since the first doorstep protestfor George Floyd – a man who was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer in broad daylight – more people in Orkney have shown their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The power of just a few people speaking up and protesting here in Orkney, has had a ripple effect on others in the community.

“We want to show our solidarity with Black people and do what we can to eliminate racism.In reaction to the murder of George Floyd, there have been massive protests in the USA and around the world. These protests demonstrate the solidarity, support,need for justice, and how important the Black Lives Matter movement is.

“The killing of Black people is horrifying and systemic, and we more than owe it to Black people and others in the BAME community to tackle this systemic racism, which includes raising awareness and educating people in Orkney.

“We must not shy away from the fact that racism is also a serious issue here in the UK. In Orkney, racism is also a problem, and has been for as long as we know. From the use of ‘blackface’ at parties, shopping week and the shows, to verbal abuse, racist slurs and physical assault. These are only some of the forms of racism and racial abuse that happen here in Orkney.

“A lot of the time, as white people, we are unaware and sometimes ignorant of how systemic racism exists here and how it affects people of colour in our community. We need to do better, both locally by educating and calling out racist friends/family members, and distantly by donating to charities, signing petitions and listening to the voices of Black people.

The Orkney campaign continues on Wednesdays with the next door step event taking place on 24th of June at 6pm when the focus will be on Justice for Sheku Bayoh.

Link: Sheku Bayoh #BlackLivesMatter

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