FACTS, Test & Protect – Aiming to Eliminate #Covid19 from Scotland

The weekly stats released by the National Records of Scotland are cause for some continued optimism as we gradually release lockdown restrictions imposed as a result of the Covid19 public health crisis.

Excess deaths due to Covid19 week on week have been showing a decline and the figures correct for the period up to 28th of June show that numbers are where they should be for this time of year.

Download: covid deaths report week 26 up to 28 June 2020

This is the result of the diligence most people have observed with self isolation, physical distancing, personal hygiene and the wearing of face coverings/masks in enclosed spaces.

These public health measures introduced in Scotland have protected our communities from increased exposure to the deadly virus and allowed frontline workers to continue to work safely.

The R number in Scotland is now between 0.6 and 0.8 although there has been a localised spike in the south of Scotland – in a cross border area around Annan and Gretna. It is hoped that the successful implementation of the Track and Trace strategy will contain this flareup preventing it from spreading further

In total as at 28th June, 4,155 deaths have been registered in Scotland where the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was mentioned on the death certificate.

deaths in Scotland 28th June 2020 NRS

The number of deaths in Care Homes has also fallen.

care home deaths Scotland 26 June 2020

Coupled with the increased testing of staff (and where necessary residents) of care homes has meant visiting – within limitations- is now possible from July 3rd.

Care Home Phasing In Of Visiting

Staged approach to Care Home Visiting

It is important to remember that over 3/4 of all deaths in Scotland due to Covid19 were of people aged 75 or over. This is why continuing to observe all the measures put in place to limit transmission are so important.

Testing and tracing contacts is a vital part of the Scottish Government’s strategy, the aim to eliminate the virus from Scotland which when we were in the worst phases of it looked like it would not be possible. But due to all the measures and the response across Scotland of the public and our health and social care teams it is now a distinct possibility.

This is covered by the New Scientist in this article: Scotland could eliminate the coronavirus – if it weren’t for England

“SCOTLAND is only weeks away from suppressing the coronavirus altogether, a situation that highlights the different approaches taken by the nation and England in recent months. While Scotland initially made many of the same mistakes as England, since late March, its government has acted on its own scientific advice.”

Recommended for excellent accessible and up to date information is this site: Scotland Coronavirus Tracker

The latest figures (as of the publication of this article) for NHS Orkney are here: NHS Orkney Covid19 Testing Figures

Download: Response Letter FOI Request 202021-072

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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