Thank Goodness For Music!!!

By Bernie Bell 

I was struggling again – nearly going under. Looking at the world, the selfishness of people, the ecological disasters, and impending further damage and destruction of fragile peoples and places. The selfishness and avarice of leaders – international, national and local – and I felt as though a tidal wave of despondency  could, very easily, catch me and take me with it.

While struggling, fighting these feelings, and trying to ride the wave – I sat down to watch Julien Temple’s documentary about Glastonbury, and I heard,  ‘Ride a White Swan’ by T. Rex…..

….and  ‘Pressure Drop’ by Toots & The Maytals

And I said “Thank Goodness For Music!!!”

Music can help to clear your head and lift your spirits – it’s just ….THERE….in all its forms – all over the world, helping people to express how they feel, and/or just …enjoy themselves.

We raised a glass, and drank a toast to……… MUSIC!!!

The pressure isn’t going to drop on me, not this time. I have a c.d. rack full of life and joy and groove and The Funk – which is what Life is – Life is The Funk, and The Funk, is Life.

Before too long, hopefully (note use of words – hope full y) – on Orkney, and in Scotland, we’ll be able to say to someone who wants to meet up – “Call by, have a cuppatea.”

Maybe even, a bit further down the line, go to a dance, maybe to hear Orkney’s own Polkadots play ‘Lead In My Pencil’ by Paulo Nutini…

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of room to dance in the kitchen, and sing, and do ma’ thing.  To quote Paulo “Ain’t nothin’ gonna bring me down, not today, oh, no.”

No, the pressure isn’t going to drop on me, not today – I won’t go under.  I’ll ride the tidal wave of in-humanity on my surf-board of Groove.

Thank goodness for music – and for musicians!!!  Take a bow – one and all.  You help to keep us going.

racks of music credit: Bernie Bell

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