Speech to Text Apps Helping Face Mask Wearers to be Understood

reusable face masks - Nick - Covid 19Now that wearing face masks/coverings are mandatory in shops and public transport many folk are finding that it muffles what they are saying . This means you have to speak a lot louder and more clearly in order to be understood.

It is also a problem for those who are hard of hearing or who rely on lip reading to find out what is being communicated.

Some have come up with solutions of wearing a face visor or a face mask with a clear insert. This means that the lip movements of the speaker can still be seen.

There is also a wide range of Apps for your phone which convert speech to text. They are simple to download to your phone and available for both Android and iPhones.

speech to text 1

Speech to text Apps for android

Speech to text Apps for iPhone

It doesn’t always get it quite right but it’s a lot better than not being understood at all.

speech to text 2


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