Cafes & Takeaways in Kirkwall – Nick Checks Some Out

By Nick Morrison

Cafes were allowed to reopen last week, quite a few are still shut so here is what I found.

Cafe No65, Pomona, The Reel and The Mart are all still shut. However The Mart will reopen a week on Monday. Trenabies are takeaway as are Lucano@s . The Sound Archive has reopened and Twenty One should reopen Thursday, 30th of July .

Sunbean Coffee House, Kirkwall, Nick Morrison

The Sunbean Coffee House (I had an excellent cup of coffee there) and Jollys of Orkney have been open throughout the restrictions as they are both food shops as well.

Jollys of Orkney Nick Morrison

When I was paying at Jollys Hatson I could not reach their card reader easily due to the new Covid screens, the dear lady serving me took my card and wiped it with hand sanitiser before returning it, nice one Jolly’s!

Jollys of Orkney Nick Morrison

Hand sanitation station with free masks at Jollys of Orkney

Whilst doing this admittedly non exhaustive survey I came across a new street van.  This is Beitling and Brew.

Beitling and Brew food van Nick Morrison

They are tucked behind ORTAK on the Hatson estate.  They have been there a few weeks and have an interesting menu, I found their ” Dirty Chips” tasty and substantial.

I particularly liked the use of the 3 socially distanced barrels for somewhere to eat if customers did not want to back to their vehicles.

Whilst it is not in Kirkwall I have heard that Birsay Bay Tea Room will reopen on the 7th of August.

Nick visited The Willows Coffee Shop last week: Nick’s Visit to The Willows Coffee Shop

Click on the links to check on opening times as these premises are updating their information almost daily.

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