2 months I am worried about

Perhaps you feel like this at times too, or is it just my particular way of coping with paranoia ? 

For me it is a bit like not being able to face up to an event that might go either way. A trip to the Dentist where a tooth might be extracted perhaps or a Doctor’s appointment for something worrying, or an up coming exam I wasn’t confident about. 

That by the way would have been every exam. Teacher assessment ? Bring it on ! 

I seem to get to a point where I feel “ oh just get on with it!”  Worrying about the result is less powerful for me than being in a position to deal with the outcome. 

It is very unusual for me to worry about a month, let alone two, but I confess I am worried about November and December. 

In what has been a momentous year for all the wrong reasons these two months have the potential to stand out as the most worrying, for me at least . Why? 

Well,  first of all there is the US Election .

Forgive me if I offend you , you may be surprised to hear I am not an ardent supporter of Donald Trump. 

The polls seem to be telling us that he may not be re-elected, but that very much depends upon the swing voters, many of whom are in what liberal East Coast Americans refer to as the “ Square States.”  

How will they take to a relatively Liberal near Octogenarian and a Woman of Colour on the same ticket? 

I have travelled in some of those States. There is much to admire but also much that grates with  a liberal mind . The racism that we have seen over the summer is a real challenge and there is a kind of hard  baked conservatism in some areas that defies logic on issues like women’s choice . Think logic, then think “ Women for Trump’ then reassess everything you thought was logical. Politics and logic do not work in some of those States, the self evident mismanagement of COVID 19 by Trump  is your self evidence,  not theirs. 

It isn’t  ageist to say that Biden’s age might be an issue for voters, it is just a fact . Not everyone will agree with that of course. I recall having tea with the Governor of one of India’s States , at 59 I was about to step down as CEO of the organisation I was running and he asked  politely “ will you go into politics?” I smiled and said “ bit too old,  I don’t think anyone will have me .” He chortled and said “ come to India – people are novices at 60 , look at me,  I’m in my prime .” He was 82. 

So we could be one Biden  health scare away from 4 more years of a Trump presidency. Trump, in his last term with nothing to lose. Trump  keen to define his   “legacy.” With no prospect of impeachment. Trump with a score to settle. 

So there is my first point of worry,  November the 3rd …vote on the 2nd and the USA results should be coming in . 

Then Brexit transition period ends on 31st of December . 

Brexit, do you remember Brexit ? Let me remind you. 

It is that cute expression of British exceptionalism that suggests that going it alone in a  global economy and rejecting incoming skills that you sorely need,  makes sense . It happened except it didn’t happen, in January. We are in transition in a period when we are negotiating with our European Partners, and others on trade deals

That is going “really well.”  Except it isn’t . 

Japan is nearly there but we decided that we needed to protect Stilton. 

Liz Truss said the talks were “positive and productive” so she stopped them over Japan’s refusal to give us preferential treatment on cheese, she wanted a deal better than Japan offers the EU, a market by a factor several times larger than ours .This shows encouraging  consistency because nothing else in Brexit makes any common sense either. 

Forgive me but the criticality of blue cheese to Japanese / British relations has passed me by . 

Sipping Sake of an evening “ Pass the Stinking Bishop, Kenji “ is not the first phrase that comes to mind . ( Actually Stinking Bishop is a white cheese but allow me the license .) 

I am sure that Liz Truss will have given equal thought to items  of Scottish specific origin.

I am as sure of that as I am of current Scottish Conservative leadership arrangements. Naturally  having a Conservative leader in Scotland who is the leader before last who would prefer to be in London before handing over to the the next leader who actually is in London is the best way of projecting a Scottish voice to the ruling party in Westminster . 

Perhaps the logic I mention earlier is catching?

If Liz Truss falls by the wayside they have Dido Harding , she hasn’t  put her hand to this yet, and she knows nothing about this either,  so she is shoe in . 

But I digress, my point is that as Barnier and Frost dine happily in Brussels they are failing to come to a Trade agreement although the evidence at present is that there is every  sign of Britain abandoning most of its demands in order to get an agreement…….. ANY XXXX Agreement in place by the end of September. Because Boris …who is on holiday …said so. 

But they might not, which is why I am worrying about December. I live in Stranraer …where the border ( which isn’t a border but is a border) will be. Let me tell you clearly there is absolutely no physical evidence here of any preparation for the contingencies that a “ no deal Brexit “ would need let alone evidence of what might be needed if there was a deal. 

My wife deals with things differently . She is prepared. She has the sign . 

The sign says “ Brexit Cupboard”  currently it says “ COVID Cupboard”  but she has it printed ready to go . There are staples there to survive a month or so of madness when the panic sets in . She has a commendable amount of gin. She is planting in the garden. Particularly Botanicals. 

And then there is COVID and possibly and in some people’s minds the close certainty that it will peak again in  November and December . 

C19, Trump and Brexit within 2 months and the evidence representative in  form of Liz Truss and the languishing form of our PM of the skills set we are to rely upon to manage the impact of this . 

So I am worried about November and December…………

…………….January is not looking that good either . 

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  1. You are definitely not alone… and a few things could be added to your list of Brexit, Trump and the third disease… climate change hasn’t gone away, plastics in the oceans hasn’t gone away either (clever idea to build a spaceport to add a bit more) and political stability all over the world is disappearing… if there ever was such a thing… it may have been built on the sands of economic interests… fragile and vulnerable to being steered by lobbyists.
    Worrying times indeed.

  2. I sensed that there were like minds ! We might also, depending upon your political persuasion, want to add ” power-grab” or threat to devolution to that list.But things that go around come around, and my comment to an American friend the day after Trump was elected was ” try to look at it this way …you are one day closer to him not being President .” I am using the same logic on UK politics right now .

  3. There is an awareness, of how the world is – not only the feckin’ virus, but the destruction of the planet, and the nastiness which appears to be becoming habitual with people.

    It’s all there, in my awareness, and though I don’t dwell on it, I am aware.
    I know that I should be aware, and take action when I can. But – it’s all there, and is bound to have a cumulative effect.

    Yesterday, a very minor event in my day, meant that I was nearly in tears. I caught myself and …adjusted.
    The point is – it showed me how near I am to the edge, and I must watch myself – not go over that edge.
    It is possible to avoid doing so – by watching yourself, minding yourself, and pulling yourself up, short, when needed.

    It’s not surprising, though, is it? With the world we’re living in, as it is now. The tension, worry, fear – can all build up, in your psyche, whether you are aware of it doing so, or not.
    The thing is, to be aware of it happening. I hadn’t put it together until this morning – what is there, in me, in my awareness, consciously and unconsciously, and how I need to be aware of it, and work with it. Not let it carry me away on a tidal wave of fretting, which achieves no purpose.
    I’m adding this to your piece, for if it might be helpful to folk to read that others are feeling like this, and, may be helpful to them as a way of dealing with it?
    It can seem like it’s just one thing after another – it IS just one thing after another – step by step, an accumulation of incomprehensible behaviour on the part of humanity.
    So, to balance that, step by step I try to deal with it as best I can – and that can include accepting that it’s something I can’t deal with. There’s the old saying…..

    “May I have the courage to change what I can, the serenity to accept what I can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

    Fact is, Steve, I stated to read your article, first thing this morning, realised what it’s about, and chickened out – knowing it would not be a wise thing to dive into, first thing in the morning, when I’m half awake, half asleep, and even more susceptible than usual to outside stimuli. That’s another possible strategy – gauge what you can take and when, and don’t overload on the negative stuff.

    “Even this shall pass away” – Theodore Tilton

  4. Sorry if it was a bit depressing Bernie ….it will pass, and recall the fact that human behaviour can change Governmental stupidity ….the A level results are a clear example of that .

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