Collie Capers

Anybody that knows me will be well aware of how much I love social media, especially Twitter these days. I love the speed at which Twitter moves; keeping me very much up to date with what’s going on in the World, but most of all I enjoy chatting with people, so for me when I get the chance to meet Twitter friends in real life I jump at the chance. This has happened recently through various settings and from there an even bigger network develops. One such occurrence was meeting a delightful couple through a mutual friend last November, whilst we were touring the North Coast of Scotland and visited Skye.

We were taken to the “Secret Beach” where we had a fantastic time, five adults and five collies, Bandit, Blaze, Laoch, Ripley and Jasper. It was with great delight that we discovered that the couple were coming to Orkney this week for a holiday with their collie duo Ripley and Jasper in tow. Ken and I met up with them at Dingieshowe for some Collie Capers.

After a couple of hours fun we got back in the cars and moved along to Inganess Beach; where we walked along the shore until we reached the cliffs. We stopped here; got out the handy shoppers as ground mats and hunkered down with a picnic of sorts.

As we caught up and put the world to rights over coffee, the mutts continued with their capers.

There’s always more than just beach to see on Orkney beaches, Dingieshowe and Inganess are no different from many others.

For this particular outing it was time to say goodbye, but this image and their cheeky faces shall stay with me for a long long time.

Where they continued to get the energy from, who knows, but suffice to say they are now all out for the count.

If there was one thing wrong with our day, I’d have to say it was that all five of us from our original meet up on Skye were not all there, but who knows hopefully it shall not be too long before we all get back together again for another round of Collie Capers.

In the meantime here is an image of the other two Collies, Blaze & Laoch taken with Bandit last November.

Photo by Bob Moss

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    • Thank you, easy to do when you have such wonderful subjects. Don’t think the other two dogs have quite figured out that Bandit is blind and that they need to do the dodging, but there were only a couple of bumps as it turned out considering their Capers. H

  1. Helen – that’s made my day. What a great thing to see, first thing in the morning. Dogs – beaches, happy people.
    And – you got some sunshine for it, too!
    Bandit never ceases to amaze me – look at him in that last picture – all alert and bright as a button – enjoying life.

    • He is quite remarkable, love the one of him jumping the waves. Can’t wait to hit the road again, might manage some blogs/vlogs this time as we go, internet dependent of course. Hx

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