First Lobster Broodstock Arrives at Orkney Shellfish Hatchery

Orkney Shellfish Hatchery, part of the Cadman Capital Group’s Aquaculture Division, has announced its plans to produce clawed lobsters on land, as it takes delivery of its first lobster broodstock.

The announcement comes after the multi-species hatchery revealed its significant progress in the production of Native Flat Oysters last month. Native Flat Oysters to be Produced at Orkney Shellfish Hatchery

Since the arrival of its first lobster broodstock, the hatchery team has been adjusting the broodstock to hatchery conditions using Ocean On Land Technology’s® revolutionary Hatchery-in-a-Box system.

The Hatchery-in-a-Box is a ground-breaking complete hatchery solution that aids in the culturing of clawed lobsters on land, from holding and conditioning broodstock lobsters to the production of juveniles. The small-footprint hatchery also features the proprietary Aquahive® product, which, when used, can drastically increase juvenile lobster survival rates, resulting in stronger and healthier lobster juveniles.

The hatchery prides itself on its high-grade bio-security practices and protocols, as well as using the latest technologies to increase efficiency and continuing to monitor and develop feed solutions to optimise growth and health for its produce.

Commenting on the hatchery’s progress, Dr Nik Sachlikidis, Managing Director of the Cadman Capital Group’s Aquaculture Division, said:

 “At Orkney Shellfish Hatchery, we are excited to launch our clawed lobster production project, as we begin to introduce a second species to the hatchery. As well as culturing clawed lobsters, we will continue to refine our techniques and technologies in order to produce specialist shellfish in a world-class facility”.

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