Petition to Halt HIAL’s ATMS Project Goes Before Scottish Parliament Committee

This morning (Thursday October 1 st .) at 0930 the Scottish Parliament’s Petitions Committee will meet to hear evidence on Petition PE01804:Halt Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd’s Air Traffic Management Strategy.

“Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to halt Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd’s Air Traffic Management Strategy Project to conduct an independent assessment of the decisions and decision-making process of the ATMS project.”

A link to this petition is below:

The petition was submitted by John Doig, Peter Henderson and Benbecula Community Council.

Peter Henderson and John Doig will be providing evidence to the Petitions Committee in support of their petition.

John Doig worked as an Air Traffic Controller for both HIAl’s predecessor, CAA Scottish Aerodromes, and for HIAL. He combined the roles of Air Traffic Controller and Manager at Benbecula before becoming HIAL Corporate Air Traffic Services Manager, then HIAL Operational Safety Manager. He is now retired.

Peter Henderson had an 18 year career with HIAL at Kirkwall Airport. He worked as an Air Traffic Services Operations Assistant. He was also an Aerodrome Flight Information Services Officer and worked as part of the team who operate the Airport outside of published opening hours for Ambulance, Emergency and Search and Rescue Flights.

Two written submissions were presented to the committee one from the Western Isles Council and the other from the Scottish Government.

HIAL is 100% owned by Scottish Government Ministers and is a private limited company.

The Orkney News has published many updates on the controversial decision by HIAL to go ahead with Remote Towers and retrospectively assess the impact.

Readers will be able to watch the discussion on the Scottish Parliament Channel.

Control tower and apron, Benbecula Airport by David Martin

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