Covid Continues on the rise in Scotland with 6 more deaths

As Scotland tries to get to grips with limiting the spread of Covid19 in the community today’s figures, 10th of October reveals that there are 1,009 confirmed new cases which equates to 14.1% of those tested.

There is also a new case confirmed on the official figures for Orkney. A new case was also confirmed for Shetland.

Sadly there have also been 6 more deaths due to Covid in Scotland, 432 people are in hospital due to the virus and 34 are in intensive care.

This continued increase of numbers of cases in the community is why measures were taken this weekend and are in place for 16 days.

This week Orkney’s elected political leaders were trying to get an easing of restrictions in Orkney. You can read about that here:

The new restrictions can be found here:

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