My 2020 Part 4

So… I was going to primarily have my focus in this part be on the American election then go and look forward to the fact that while Americans potentially had brighter days ahead we still had the nightmare of Brexit… then we suddenly found were going into a new lockdown because of a new strain.. You have all been reading this so let’s continue then.

In the last few months I was in my stride… as a damaged person now getting easily depressed and the occasional emotional breakdown can… never at work though it gave me a sense of purpose, something to do.

Now if any of you were wondering what I was watching on TV… yeah basically nothing. Terrestrial TV has been terrible for years now and except for shows like the Mash Report and The Last Leg, all I seem to watch on standard TV is old monster movies or documentaries. I’ve often considered yanking out the cable and stopping paying my TV licence, just using the TV for games consoles DVDs and Netflix.

After the low points throughout the year… the many low points. I had managed to get somewhat of a structure going, enjoyed a few things like the Lego Mario sets though still lacked many of the things I ordered online during the lockdown (been so hard to get Transformers this year). But those were understandable as you can’t expect things to go exactly like they were before, the virus wasn’t gone and I had to plan around that. I even got a few more model kits to build in case a big lockdown hit.

But then there were the American elections. Now it would seem odd that I a Scottish person living in Scotland would get so much worked up by an election in another country. But sadly America has a long shadow and given a lot of people I chat with or shows I watch are involved with America, there’s no escaping the effect its president has. And these past 4 years it’s been rather soul destroying. I had come to terms with why people would vote for him the first time (as much as I disagreed with him and see him as a scum of the earth that should never have been allowed to run… two bankruptcies people, you wouldn’t leave someone like that in charge of the economy) after all the horrible things he’s done and massive failures the idea of that man getting reelected… well I had to call a family member to come over on that Tuesday out of fear of waking up alone to the words “4 more years”.

But that’s not what happened. Trump lost as people voting for his opponent chose to vote by post instead of risk Covid and we sat over several days and saw Trump melt into madness while his loss only increased. Actually restored a fair bit in my faith in America. That does come with a caveat though. While I did see people didn’t fall to 4 more years of Trump and got rid of him, I did see a disturbing amount of people still did want him around, even hypocritically demand the election be over turned claiming to fight for democracy just because they didn’t like the result. It worries me the long lasting damage Trump has done to that country.

Now here’s where I was going to look to the future, worries about Brexit and all that. But a few days before writing this… you should know now. I’d say I’m prepared from experience. That at least thanks to the stuff for extended households I can endure. I most likely I can, but I cannot say this year has changed me for the better. I can’t say it has made me more clear on why Scotland needs to be independent since I have always felt that way, more it’s just showed me how bad things are with this union. I honestly wanted people to come to independence for good reasons. rather than because they had to, given the monstrous corruption and indefensibility of the union. I can’t honestly say going into 2021 is going to be any better. The new strain and relaxing at Christmas will probably result in a large spike going into the New Year and we have people down south refusing to delay a massively damaging and mishandled concept at a time of exceptional circumstances.

I apologies readers. I had hoped going into this last one that things maybe had improved at the end but it seems the light at the end of the tunnel, was just the entry light to another tunnel. But I shall not be beaten, I may be bleeding and crying but I will go on. Though I have lost some of the things I once held onto for the time being, others still go strong. There will always been new Transformers shows and I somewhat look forward to the second part of the War For Cybertron series on Netflix. I am showing friends some of the shows I watched during the lockdown and smile as they get into it too. But since this has been a bit of a downer I decided the last week I would talk about something positive. After all I’m enjoying than new Digimon series.

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