Flying the Scottish EU Flag

Given the level of disappointment that many Scots feel about the way Brexit has been mishandled, and the poor quality of deal that the present UK Government has negotiated, particularly for Scottish businesses and producers, a group of people who feel let down by all of this are choosing to fly the Scottish EU flag at their homes across Scotland to highlight their displeasure about this state of affairs.

In addition these protestors are angered that Scotland’s majority vote to stay in the EU is being ignored and feel that Scotland’s key markets are either being systematically destroyed and/or undermined by the current Government in London.

One quote from a participant in this protest suggested:

“that people in Scotland, particularly those who live in the Highlands & Islands, only have to look at the number of blue plaques prominent on buildings, bridges and other structures in Scotland to see how much money the EU has put into improving our infrastructure and connectivity.

“Also, perhaps less evident because they don’t have a blue plaque on their bodies or clothes, people should think about the young people and families that have moved into our communities through the generation of good quality jobs that the EU has helped to create.

“These jobs generate,  maintain and improve employment and career prospects, not only for the people directly employed on EU supported projects, but generally for many people in urban and rural places throughout this country”  

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