Drops of Light

By Bernie Bell

I was letting my mind spend too much time dwelling on the wrong-doings of some individuals in the world today – internationally, nationally and locally. 

I realised that I needed to get those people and their nastiness, out of my mind.

So – one morning as I was waking up – that time between sleeping and waking – 

I pictured Planet Earth as a bowl full of murky water, in which there were eddies and swirls of ill-feeling.

I pictured a pipette full of light.

I dropped one drop of light into the water, and – it cleared – became clear, sparkling and lively.

And now, if the damaging ones come into my mind, I picture the bowl of water, the light, and clarity.

That’s one of the ways in which I deal with thoughts of those people and what they bring into the world.  Otherwise, they can drag me down.

I need some lightness of heart at the present time.

Planet Earth needs some lightness of heart at the present time.


Ceramic by Lotte Glob

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