#Covid Vaccination in Orkney

By Nick Morrison

I attended Kirkwalls Vaccination center for my  1st Covid vaccination.

I had hardly got the keys out of the ignition before I was met by a helpful Red Cross lady.

I explained I was a peedie bit early, “no problem” she said and directed me to the registration window. I was directed to the “social distanced” waiting room which was the old Skerryvore practices one—- never seen it looking like that!  

A nurse came in and asked who had sat down first, there was 4 of us by that time and in I went.

The jab does na hurt a wee prick is all.

I was given an information sheet after being asked if I had any questions.

Then I had to wait 15 Mins, just like giving blood.  All in all very professional and efficient.

I would encourage any folk who are offered the vaccination to absolutely take it. 

There are different arrangements for other age groups. You can find more information on the NHS Orkney Facebook page.

And here:

Orkney Mass Vaccination Programme

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  1. Thanks for writing this Nick. I am expecting to be ‘called’ any time soon, and I have concerns about how I might react to the jab – I do have what a doctor described as ‘a very reactive system’.
    Your mention of waiting for 15 minute afterwards, reassures me. I pictured getting my jab, then going straight home.
    Knowing that they give 15 minutes to see what happens, right there, with medical folk present, does reassure me.

    It’s also good to know that I’ll get a chance beforehand, to tell them that I have concerns about how I might react. That helps me to feel better about it, too.

    I don’t so much mind injections, but I do mind how I tend to react to them! I know that I must have it, when called to do so. I also know that, the more of us have it, the safer it is for everyone.

    Thanks again, Nick – very helpful information.

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