My Cancer Story (to be continued) 2

Pre Op.

Prepared washed by 7 am. Medication as normal minimum fluids. Stockings on. Bracelet IDs on.

Taped up with my own personal ID 

Negative Covid test results in so good to go. 

Not sure how invasive or disruptive this will be or how long I will be out for. 

Not expecting to become a drooling wreck though. My previous experience of anything to do with brain surgery was Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. The film was also amazing and stuck in my memory. 

I was thinking ‘Just expect to be groggy’. Not fully explained or understood I was more interested in getting it done quickly.

They wanted to remove rings etc. 

My Scotland bracelet is from the Maasai market in Nairobi Kenya. It travels with me everywhere and I have not removed it for 10 years cleaned in shower of course. 

I had a wait before going for anaesthesia. People were fantastic and very professional. During the wait they asked me about my wrist band. So everyone got to hear my story of Scotland and Kenya. 

Post Op. 

You probably should know this story is from an NHS Scotland hospital in the West of Scotland. 

Surgery seems to have been successful and they will test how it went with MRI before doing any chemotherapy.

They successfully removed a mass and a lot of  fluid 

I was back in bed not actually having left it at around 1.30 pm.

Just had a meal. The recovery process has begun. 

People have reacted well. It seems to have gone down well with the two neurosurgeons who came back separately to see me.

I feel very fortunate and relieved.

Dream Angus. 

My Cancer Story (to be continued)

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  1. Good Morning to the man I call Mr. Angus.
    I would have sent this to you privately via Fiona, but, as it might hearten some other folk too, I asked Mike is it OK to tell this here – he says it’s fine, so…..

    About 15 years ago, one of Mike’s sisters had an operation to remove a tumour from her brain, a large tumour. It was a worrying experience, right enough, but, she recovered, and is still going strong.
    She has since travelled to England and Norway a number of times to see family, from South Africa – where she works with the e’Pap charity – and has a full and busy life.

    She is a bit vaguer than she was, but age could be the cause of that!

    Here’s very much hoping that you go along a similar path of recovery.

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