Giving your #covid jabs the best chance

By Nick Morrison

There are a lot of figures being bandied about concerning  the efficacy of the various vaccines, 6 are in current use with 200+ in the pipeline.

However how good they are going to be for you in terms of stopping you getting Covid / getting Covid very badly ?

and for how long they will keep doing this ?

Previous studies have shown that the body’s response in producing antibodies to the vaccine depend on such factors as age and gender, amongst others. Many Vaccines only give a limited length of protection anyway. Scientists are already starting to talk in terms of an annual coded jab just like for flu. 

So how can I maximise the jabs protective effects?

Take moderate exercise ideally just before you have the jab. Here in Orkney that could be achieved very easily by parking the car in town and walking to the Balfour.

Get enough sleep especially in the 2 or 3 days before you have the jab.

Don’t binge drink, that means no more than 6 drinks at any one sitting for a female and 8 drinks for a male. There is some limited evidence that moderate drinking, a couple of glasses of wine a day has a small beneficial effect.

Remember also that it takes two weeks also for the effects to kick in. So we must continue to socially distance, wear masks when appropriate, and keep washing or sanitising our hands. 

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  1. ‘such factors as age and gender’…No, gender has nothing to do with it. It’s sex. Please use words precisely.

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