SEPA’s10 Year Service on Flood Information

SEPA, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, has been providing support and information on flooding for 10 years.

Terry A’Hearn, SEPA CEO, said:

“Over the last ten years, the SFFS has proved a vital service to help Scotland prepare in advance for the worst impacts of flooding. Preparation is crucial, as we saw in the last fortnight when towns from Aberdeenshire to the Scottish Borders flooded. 

“The threat from flooding is real and growing. As well as posing a risk to properties, infrastructure and our environment, it can pose a serious threat to life. We and our partners at the Met Office, together with flood management authorities, community responders and communities themselves all have key roles to play as Scotland learns to live safely with flooding.”

Over the last 10 years, the Met Office has made continual improvements to the radar network and other weather technology. This enables the SFFS to issue more detailed daily flood guidance, with ever increasing lead-time and confidence.”

SEPA’s flooding service  combines hydrological and meteorological data to provide strengthened flood forecasting for Scotland and works closely with the Met Office.

Met Office Chief Executive Professor Penny Endersby said:

“Climate change is not only resulting in a warming climate but also more intense rainfall which has a crucial bearing on the SFFS’s operations. The risk and impacts of flooding are likely to increase over the coming years, meaning we will need to continue to adapt our services. 

“Forecasting skills are constantly evolving and developing thanks to world leading, cutting-edge science and technology and as we look to the future it is clear that we will need to continue to work together if we are to ensure that Scotland will continue to stay safe and thrive.”

Click on this link to sign up to Floodline

Flooding in January 2020 St Margaret’s Hope credit: Kath Page

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