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  1. The sheep with the daggings reminds me of a story – there’s always a story……….

    Years ago, many years ago, nearly 50 years ago, my friends Philip and Mick got holiday jobs with the Bradford Wool Board.
    The Foreman – ‘Ardwick, didn’t like students – didn’t see why they should get money for nothing, while he had to graft – so he gave them the worst jobs, including sorting daggings.
    The term for the wooly bits round the sheep’s bottom is…daggings, or daggin’s.
    There was a big room in which they were sorted – by hand! The wool was torn from the dried daggins, and that wool would be used for more low-grade woollen products, such as woollen carpets.
    You can imagine what a mucky job it was.

    I don’t know, but I should imagine that it’s all automated now – so instead of at the end of tea break, ‘Ardwick shouting – “Hands off cocks and onto socks”, and the workers getting back to their lovely occupation – the Foreman will just…press a button.
    Better all round – no-one should have to do a job like that! But – not so much of a story to it.

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