Free Bus travel for Under 22s. How Could this be improved for Orkney?

This consultation seeks views on the impact on island communities of the introduction of free bus travel throughout Scotland for those under age 22.

Transport Scotland

A consultation is now underway by Transport Scotland to gather evidence from islanders about what they think about travel for people under the age of 22.

Some respondents felt that young people living in island communities could be disadvantaged because they had to use ferries and not just road transport to access opportunities. Some respondents considered that free ferry travel was essential to ensure parity between island dwelling young people and their mainland peers. Others said that inter-Island ferry travel should be treated in the same way as bus travel is on the mainland. In addition, many respondents from rural mainland and island communities pointed out that free bus travel was of benefit only where there was sufficient provision of bus services.


  1. Do you think that the provision of free bus travel to all young people aged under 22 will have an effect on island communities which is significantly different from the effect on other communities in Scotland?
  2. If so, are there measures that the Scottish Government might consider to mitigate any adverse effects on island communities in relation to the provision of free bus travel to under 22s specifically?

You can respond to the consultation online or, alternatively, by email to

Lots of information here: Transport Scotland – closing date Monday 21 June 2021.

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