Green/SNP Deal Must Commit to Rewilding

furry lynx in nature near tree twigs
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The Scottish Rewilding Alliance, is calling on the Scottish Greens to make the trial reintroduction of lynx and the widespread relocation of beavers a core part of any agreement they reach with the Scottish National Party.

The organisation which aims to see Scotland become the first rewilding nation claim that public opinion agrees with them.  1,071 Scottish adults 16 and over were polled by Survation between 28 October-3 November 2020.

Steve Micklewright, Scottish Rewilding Alliance Convenor and Chief Executive of Trees for Life. said:

“The Scottish Greens have committed to restoring nature through rewilding, including a trial lynx reintroduction. If they reach an agreement with the SNP that includes this commitment, many will see this as a sign they can achieve real change through cooperation.

“A trial reintroduction of lynx will have very strong public support, and there would be no clearer signal that Scotland intends to become the world’s first Rewilding Nation.”

The lynx, about the size of a large Labrador dog, would be a way of controlling deer numbers, say the supporters.

Beavers create wetlands that can reduce flooding, improve water quality, and benefit fish and other wildlife. But since the Government legally protected beavers in 2019, its nature agency NatureScot has issued dozens of killing licences – resulting in 20% of the Scottish population being killed in 2019 alone.

Credit Pete Creech

Steve Micklewright said:

“Nearly all of these beavers could have been relocated to parts of Scotland where local landowners and communities want the benefits they bring, including reducing the risk of flooding. A deal between the Greens and SNP deal must tackle this needless waste of life.”

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  1. Beavers are doing OK in Knapdale………..

    Personally, not so sure about re-introducing Lynx – they are a serious form of Big Cat.

    Years ago Mike and I were working at the Cota Donana nature reserve in Spain – had gone for a stroll in the evening, and this happened –

    The Lynx

    Walking by, stopped, frozen –

    “What is it? Will it hurt me? Can I eat it?”

    Continues cautiously –

    “You never know, with humans.”

    Bernie Bell

    We looked at the Lynx, the Lynx looked at us, all thinking much the same things – living – connecting. Then we each carried on our way.
    An Iberian Lynx, nearly driven to extinction by…

    When we got back to the Research Centre where we were staying – the people there went nuts – so pleased that we’d seen ‘El Lince’.

    We also saw……..Flamingoes flying, bee-eaters flashing by, wild boar – were very cautious when meeting them, snakes we didn’t even recognize – even more cautious with them, eagles, wild tortoises…all sorts – I have a list, somewhere. A truly wild place. Memories!

  2. We can’t stop at beavers and lynx. If we are to recreate Scotland in the Greens image of what our country’s wildlife was in the past, we must consider wolves and bears.
    Ok a few farmer’s lambs might disappear and the odd child or old folk, but that a small price to pay if we are to turn the country into their stylized vision of what the countryside should look like.

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