Sgathaich: Total War Warhammer 2

The original game was one of my earliest reviews and I think it’s time to get back to it. Of course mechanically the game hasn’t changed too much so feel free to read the original review here Sgathaich : Total War Warhammer

While the core of the game is very much the same, Total War Warhammer 2 brings a few new tools to play with. First up you get 4 new playable races the Lizardmen (aka the best ones) the Skaven (the evil Ratmen) and the High and the Dark Elves. Of course there are the playable races from the first game and all its dlc which will appear in the campaign which is probably the other biggest change.

While the original had a more standard build an empire esc campaign the sequel has a more original concept, though if you have the original as well as this you can play the more classic campaign style with all the factions you own. This campaign will have you facing other races through conquest and diplomacy, Fight in a race to achieve 5 great trials to gain control of the ancient swirling magical vortex at the center of the High Elves kingdoms.

As you play through the game and claim/reclaim cities you will start to gain power to do one of the rituals. (Ok I only played as Lizardmen so if they use different terminology I don’t know) During this time these cities must be defended as Forces of Chaos and your rivals will attempt to capture them to stop said ritual. Complete these for your final face off to take control of the vortex and win the game.

Of course as said you could just do the more standard campaign and not have to deal with this.

The game like the original has received various dlcs ranging from new heroes for the existing faction (though oddly not Thanqual for Skaven… odd that) and new factions that will appear in your campaign whether you have purchased the dlc or not.

It’s worth noting that the setting of the game has changed as it’s moved over the sea. While the original was set mostly around the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy. The new game (or at least its main campaign) takes place in the continents of Naggaroth, Lustria and Ulthuan the last one you will need to get a boat to go to.

For the most part if you enjoyed Total War Warhammer or the Total War games you should enjoy this one, a benefit in that the choice of races at the start of the game are very fantasy feeling and didn’t make one of the major races pre-order (yeah we are still bitter about that Chaos decision). Also I found playing this occasionally helps get me in the mood to paint some more models. Which helps given I have a backlog and need to motivate myself at times.

A third game has been announced.

Rating: spear spear spear spear

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