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Chaos Chariot of Khorne

Have you ever done something you planned to do for a few minutes only after a little bit to suddenly realize its 2am? Welcome to Total War Warhammer THE crossover of the Total War franchise and Warhammer Fantasy Battles.


I came to this game with no previous experience of the franchise ‘Total War’. I have played Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I was entering this with little idea of how the game plays but I had heard from online associates that this one was good.

Players choose one of the available Warhammer races: Dwarves, the Empire (Humans), Vampire Counts or Green Skins (Orks and Goblins) with several more as DLC (downloaded content). You chose your legendary hero (General) and either go through a campaign by yourself or take part in a multi-player game. Each legendary hero comes with its own abilities and bonuses. As I had never played one of these games before I was happy that it does let you choose to take part in a tutorial battle to get a hold of the battle field experience.


Total War Warhammer

The game can be split into 2 phases: 1. the campaign map where you move your armies, grow cities, spend money to grow your army, develop technologies… Oh and 2. wage war. If you have ever played a civilisation game, it’s like that. Battles can be done by either auto resolution which can sometimes be the best solution and the one I use most… mainly for speed, or you can go into a proper battle.

Each race plays differently. I was playing dwarves meaning I’m slow, but strong, AND HAVE ACCESS TO CANNONS!


The battles happen in real time and key factors are:

  • knowledge of battle field tactics
  • knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a unit, and how to use them
  • good vantage points and defendable areas for your cannons
  • your hero’s abilities.

With this game I have found I have needed to save often, mainly because a decision I made early on had repercussions later. As of my current game I was close to wiping out the Green Skins and having full control of my lands without fear of attack when Chaos attacked.

Chaos is the main villain race/races in Warhammer and the announcement that future play as this faction would be by paid DLC, was met with universal boos. For the understanding of non-Warhammer players – this would be akin to a Star Wars game where you get to play as multiple factions but have to pay extra for the Galactic Empire.

Since its release more factions have been added in the form of DLC and it looks like the game will continue to receive support. I can recommend this game to fans of Warhammer, Real Time Strategy games and Civilisation games.

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