Sgathaich: The Slime Diaries

Well the previous season was packed for me. Got lots of new anime I finished and plenty of ones I want to review for you all. So let’s start with something light and fun.

I’ve talked about spin offs before with SaO GGO and now we are going to talk about a spinoff of a series I already reviewed. Earlier I reviewed ‘That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime’. It has proved popular enough to get a sequel series and an anime adaption of one of its spin offs (yes there are several). The Slime Diaries manga took the form of a 4koma comic strips set between the events in the light novels so it isn’t exactly non canon ( I like to assume the events are canon but it doesn’t contradict canon in the most part… you will get what I mean later).

The show follows this as each episode is small sections set around a major theme such as the arrival of summer in the Forest of Jura. While most of these are silly like Shuna and Shion trying to dress Rimuru up in a bunny suit, some are surprisingly emotional. Everything with Geld while having heartwarming moments adds levels to his nature for those that saw the main series will start to piece together.

In fact that is probably the strength of the show (ok yes it’s also really cute, especially the little kids that like Geld, including one particular little goblin). The show gives more life and attention to the lives of the characters that often after their main introduction may have fallen into the background of the main series.

The series takes place all in the course of a few episodes of the main series, after the Ork disaster arc but before Charybdis (the manga continues on so the series could potentially get more episodes). While clearly a comedy we do get to see more of the lives of the characters of Slime outside of any large planning or action. While some things are played up for comedy we do get to see interactions we never saw in the main series like Shion and Ranga having rivalry over who gets closer to Rimuru.

The whole series is a very relaxing watch which at this current time is very welcome. I can’t fully recommend it to people who didn’t watch at least 2 thirds of That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime however as it won’t try and hold your hand to explain the world. For those that did enjoy or even just watch the series this is a must see and should give you a few big smiles and awws. Yes EVERY scene with Geld is emotional and often the best part.


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